SUMMER! HTH is busy. First, we took our little red wagon to the Columbia Falls Community Market. What a fun and successful adventure.  We LOVE CFCM.  Next, we took our therapy horse Angel to the Thursday Fest in downtown Kalispell, Thunder, lightning, wind, and rain, then sunshine! Big thanks to Toni Fisher for bringing us dry duds!   It was great and Angle was a rock star!  Lots of fun. Thanks to the Downtown Association, the Central School and Parks and Rec. 

Our next Adventure was the 4th of July Parade! Our own Trish Pajak road Angel bareback! The kids went crazy. We had so much fun that we are planning big things for next years parade! 

We returned to the Columbia Falls Community Market one more time and again a big success!  Thank you again CFCM, you ROCK. 

Our next big thing!!  THE EVENT AT REBECCA FARM. July 24-28 2019  What an honor and privilege to be invited to this event, Ms. Sarah Broussard provides HTH with a tent at the top of the hill.  Here, we sell snacks and soda pop.  We also sell wine by the glass.  This is our special fundraiser.  This year we will also have a tent down at vendor level, will be set up next to Tamarack Brewery. We will sell our Wine by the glass.   

That's all for now. Please check back for more updates!  




 Human Therapy on Horseback, Inc.

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