Horse Therapy is Effective


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What's our purpose?

HTH believes that any person with special needs deserves access to high-quality therapy, regardless of their financial circumstances.


Our organization is committed to helping individuals in the Flathead Valley participate in equine-assisted therapy by providing scholarships for those who cannot afford it.  Our volunteers dedicate themselves to raising funds and educating our community about the unique benefits of this type of therapy.  All that HTH does to raise funds helps make this unique therapy affordable for those with disabilities.


 The medical community recognizes the benefits of equine-assisted therapy. However, insurance companies do not cover the expenses.  HTH was founded to help bridge this financial gap. For 27 years, our organization has provided financial assistance to help offset these costs. Without the financial support HTH provides, many people with disabilities could not afford access to these services. 



Our non-profit relies entirely upon charitable donations and grants to fund our program. But our volunteers and supporters know how therapy on horseback can transform people's lives. We are dedicated to helping keep it affordable for those who need it.

A unique approach that feels like play

By integrating horses into therapy, it completely changes the dynamics.  All of a sudden, the client becomes more motivated to participate and willing to try new and challenging things.   Horses do not understand "disability" and therefore they accept every person as they are.  This allows the clients to develop a very strong bond with the horses.  


When describing her son, one parent who receives our financial assistance stated, "When he could not connect to anyone else in the world, he COULD connect with the horse.  In the chaos he had in his mind and in his body, the horse provided the calm presence, the security, and the support for healing that he needed." 

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